Writing With Light


“Photography” is a combination of two Greek words “photos” and “graphos” meaning “light” and “drawing.”

We love the idea of drawing or painting with light. It evokes a bit of magic that happens Stargazer Lilyunder the light and the alchemy that happens in the darkroom under the chemicals….or these days, as the pixels are arranged about on the computer screen.

If the act of photography is ‘writing with light,’ can we then think of the act of staging the shot as photography’s penmanship? Is it sloppy or neat? Bland or bold? Boring or beautiful? Does the product sit there like a lump on the page or does it show the proper flourishes that give it that extra vibe? Is the photo carefully crafted or sloppy and smudged? And like the regal penmanship of an engraver, the calligraphy of a Japanese master, the artistic flourish of an artist, or even the tidy penmanship of an accountant – does the photograph actually express what its product is in a beautiful appropriate manner. Or does the subject just sit there in the middle of the photograph visually saying the equivalent of ‘I am a brown queen sized bed’ (and probably in a 10 pt Arial font!).

Something to think about in today’s fast-paced world where everyone is bombarded with images: What do you want your product to say? Who do you want to write your product’s story?

What kind of light do you want to write your photograph with?

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