Circular Thinking


Watching all the new products that have been introduced at the New York bedroom_candlesInternational Gift Fair and The New York Home Textiles Show last week has us thinking in circles.

Our involvement with the beautiful new things shown there is on the backside – after they’ve left the market and perhaps prior to their entering the main consumer market. After they’ve moved from an artist’s inspiration and before they become part of everyone’s culture and consciousness.

But artistians and companies don’t exist in a void. The energies of one feeds the other feeds the other, and vice-versa. They create a yin-yang circle and the studio here sits in the middle of it and photographs the results of that creativity. And that’s a pretty exciting place to be!

We’ve gotten a taste of what was being introduced at both of the New York markets, and can’t wait to see what other treasures from there come through our studio doors! Our thanks to all of you reporters and marketgoers who gave the rest of us a preview of what we’ll be seeing soon. Special thanks to the fine folks at Home Accents Today and particularly the tweets from Wes Kennedy and Tracy Bulla for keeping us informed (and excited!) about this season’s Markets.

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