“Premarket”ing Photography


vanitySometime around October 17-22, people will begin asking us “Furniture Market is here – I’ll bet The answer to that question is always “Not as busy are we are the few weeks before and after!”

Why before? (the answer to “Why afterwards” is somewhat obvious, and is a topic for another blog post in and of itself). In a word: Premarket. It’s a facet of the twice yearly Furniture Market that folks know the least about, but possibly carries the most influence ON the Market that’s held about 6 weeks later. (this year, from September 14-15). The manufacturers who exhibit during Premarket use it as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for their products. They then use the feedback that they get from their clientele there to make any product modifications prior to the actual market event a month later.

So, what is Atlantic Photographic’s link in this chain?
Photography sells product.

These manufacturers not only have to have product so sell at the actual Furniture Market. They often must provide photographs of their product for those buyers purchasing it. These buyers in turn use that photography to sell the pieces that they have bought, in addition to the manufacturer using that same photography to show (and sell!) the product to later buyers.

Plus, photography adds that additional ‘visual element’

In a showroom, the prospective buyer and touch and see the actual product – but does he or she get a true sense of what it would look like in an actual room or in print advertising? In several showrooms, the answer would be yes. But…the buyer cannot take the showroom with him to show his company what he has bought, or is thinking of buying. So a manufacturer turns to a photography studio to create a reality that their client can take with him. We use one of our numerous room-sized sets to create a setting for the product and decorate it just as an actual room would be decorated. Some days we may have sets containing bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms all at once!

To those of you who are buying or selling at this year’s Premarket event Atlantic Photographics wishes you success! Remember that we are here for all your photographic needs before or after October’s Market.

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