“Pre-Marketing” Photography


Mention “Pre-Market” to anyone outside of the furniture industry, or people in High Point 9-15-09associated in some capacity with the furniture industry and most likely you’ll receive a blank stare in return.

As an explanation to the ‘blank stare contingency’ of our readers, “Pre-Market” is an informal precursor to the International Home Furnishings Market and held in September and March – one month prior to the actual week-long market. Pre-Market is part dress rehearsal, part focus group, and with a liberal sprinkling of brand advertising thrown in. Manufacturers introduce their latest products to their more familiar buyers giving them first opportunity to purchase the product AND getting feedback from them regarding design. The manufacturer may then use the few weeks before the actual Furniture Market to retool the product.

The manufacturer may also use the intervening weeks to get photography done of his new product and then possibly have sales prints created so that they are ready for distribution at the Home Furnishings Market. The time just after Pre-Market can easily be as busy for us here at Atlantic Photographics as it is just after the Market proper. Which is good as it means that the manufacturers think that they have a winner on their hands are are ready to promote it.

So, if you happen to be in High Point for Pre-Market, we welcome you to the Triad. It looks as though we’ll be having some lovely pre-fall weather for you. Should you be looking for a studio to create photography that will show off your furniture at Furniture Market and beyond, give us a call at 336-887-8600 or email us at sales@atlanticphoto.com. We want to help YOU sell your product!
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