Positively….It’s the High Point Market


The International Home Furnishings Market (aka “The High Point Market”) is only days away now. And french door w-curtainfrom what we see and hear, it has to be one of the more positively anticipated Markets in quite some time.

The signs are all there. The stock market rising above 10,000 for the first time in over 10 years. Spending at the street level seems to be loosening up a bit. Manufacturers and merchants realizing that they cannot continue to just hunker down and do nothing. Lots of new lines, new looks, and bright new colors demonstrating a response to consumers’ desires for furnishings that are exciting to live with. All this combined with reports from earlier smaller markets of increased interest, the signs are right for manufacturers to have a great Market.

We here at Atlantic Photographics are excited about the 2009 fall Market. If you will be visiting the Market here in High Point for the first time, we welcome you to the Furniture Capital of the US and hope that you experience some of the hospitality that our area is famous for. Returning visitors, we’re glad that you are back! To ALL of the vendors, buyers, sales and supporting staff – we wish for you a successful and BUSY week ahead.

So…..let the International Home Furnishings Market – and the excitement – begin!

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