It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like…..Springtime!


So why do we have a springtime photo on one soapof our December blog posts? Why, to get us in a springtime mood for some of our clients, of course!

People not involved in the production or marketing aspects of wholesale or retail industries probably never stop to think about it, but these industries live their commercial lives out of sync with the seasonal calendar. And so do the industries (such as photographic studios) who serve them. Here at Atlantic Photographics, we have had Christmas trees and decorations put up in our sets in July and photographed grills and hammocks in January. One of our more memorable shoots was a location shoot on the coldest day of the year for a company’s spring catalog. The flowers that we brought to decorate the patio were frozen solid by late morning!

This “altered calendar” comes about because it takes some time and effort to get something ready to print. After we get the art directors’ layouts, we’ll begin staging and then shooting the product. We then send the final photography back to the client, who creates their final layouts. They in turn, send their layouts and our photography to their printer. Add in time for proofs and distribution and one can see how the lead time involved grows.

And so now after our flurry of post-Furniture Market photography, we will begin to prepare for some “springtime photography.” Are YOU preparing your own springtime (or anytime) photography and looking for a fresh alternative? Then why not contact Atlantic Photographics ( regarding your upcoming photography. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do for you!

And season’s greetings…..whatever season it is in your corner of the world!

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