Winter Redecorating


Winter is that time of year when almost everything in Nature *seems* to be all hunkered down and waiting in anticipation for spring. But if one looks closely enough, plants and animals are busy restoring and reviving as they rest. They’re rather undergoing an ‘interior renovation’ at the molecular level.

Set Construction

Set Construction

Here at Atlantic Photographics, we are also busy reviving and renovating the studio in between photography. Like a lot of homeowners out there, our rooms (well, actually, our room sets) begin to show a bit of wear, or just need an updated look. The difference is that we do our renovations much more frequently than your average homeowner renovating or redesigning each of our 8 sets every year. That sounds pretty frequent, doesn’t it? Consider thought that each of those sets gets ‘lived in’ by many clients and a variety of furniture every week. Plus a set may be a dining room one day and a bedroom the next.

We think of this continual remodeling as just one of the things that we do to separate us from the average photography studio. Our spacious sets, combined with expert design and styling, are just one of the reasons why Atlantic Photographics can produce photography that showcases your product!

Contact us at and let us know what products we can showcase for you!

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