Photography & North Carolina in the Springtime


After seemingly unending weeks of way below normal temperatures (for us, anyway) we thought we’d never see spring again! But last week it finally made its entrance here in High Point, NC. Spring here has a somewhat ethereal quality about it. The Bradford pears and flowering plum trees appear as large white clouds, with bright golden forsythia bushes at their bases. Pink cherry trees – weeping and non-weeping – are popping out too. And driving along our woodlands and interstates, you’ll see the bright magenta wisps of the redbud trees’ small flowers. Yes, we’re pretty enamoured of High Point/Greensboro/Winston-Salem at this time of year – and the dogwoods and azaleas haven’t even thought about blooming yet!robin in tree

Sights such as these make us think about Mother Nature getting new finery for all of her charges, and perhaps refitting some of them who have changed a bit over the past year. Is it any wonder that man follows suit in this season of renewal? Spring cleaning, new spring clothes, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Businesses too begin reevaluation. What do we need to highlight our product? What will show it off to its best advantage? Along these thoughts, we here at Atlantic Photographics are thinking that product photography is rather like “clothes for your product.” Photos dress up a chair, play up the best parts of that accent piece, or beautifully frame a bedroom suite.

So perhaps it is time to take a look at your existing product photography. Is it looking like an old suit, shopworn and old-fashioned? Perhaps it’s time to think about some new apparel for it. Something as fresh and inspiring as, well, North Carolina in the spring! Freshen up your product with new photography this spring with a look that people will notice.

We’re now booking photography for immediately before and after the High Point Furniture Market and market showroom photography. Give our sales rep a call at 336-887-8600 to book your appointment today.

Oh, and enjoy the view while you are in North Carolina.

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