Why the Furniture Market Has Us All A-Twitter


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Most of us are all too aware of the impact that social media (Facebook, Twitter, and the like) have made on how we all interact with each other. To us, it is even more interesting to view the impact that social media has made on group events such as the International Home Furnishings Market, which is kicking off this weekend in High Point, NC.

Of course, years ago one had to be a buyer, designer, or have some other sort of credentials in order just to get into the buildings. Print publications (such as the venerable “Furniture Today”) would offer some pre- and during Market trends and outlooks, but for most designers and manufacturers not actually attending the event, days or weeks might pass before they got any tangible information.

Then came social media, and gave the Furniture Market a new wrinkle. Anyone with a computer could instantly connect with almost anyone. The entire Market experience has become more immediate and personal. Buyers, manufacturers, designers, and ancillary service providers (like photography studios!) communicate about business, trends….and maybe where’s a good place to go eat and drink. Social media allows a lot of excitement and energy to build even before the event starts. And that can contribute enormously to having a positive market.

Other new things that social media has brought to market include photographs of showrooms being staged (via Twitter’s TwitPic ), previews of new product (Twitter and Facebook), and seeing who all IS attending Market. It will be interesting to know if FourSquare gets a workout in downtown High Point – or if there are enough attendees using it to make it a significant way of finding someone. Global Views is sponsoring what is shaping up to be a well-attended Tweet-Up in their showroom Sunday evening (http://twtvite.com/hptwtup/1) and organized by @designershay, @wesathome, @maybellinete . Again Twitter is the ‘social glue.’

So while the actual physical International Home Furnishings Market is still limited to those in or associated with the industry, everyone else (including those who couldn’t attend the Market this year) can vicariously attend. And we’re betting that they’ll also pick up on all the positive vibes and energy this event and its participants generate! And that makes business good for everyone!

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