The Last Days of Summer


I’ll bet we’re not the only ones asking ourselves “where DID the summer go?”

The last few months seem like a big blur, and I’m sure that it isn’t just because of the oppressive heat that we (and a large portion of the country) experienced that is interfering with our thinking.

Seems like just yesterday we were all in full preparation for the Spring High Point Furniture Market. Now we turn around and the Las Vegas Summer Market has come and gone. Both of these trade shows are now under the same ‘virtual’ roof of the International Market Centers and many folks involved with the industry suspect that this merger will lead to more cohesion within the furniture and accessories producing community. The record numbers at the Summer Vegas Market seem to bear this out. Here’s wishing that the Fall Market in High Point experiences the same rising tide.

But before the Fall Market come Pre-Market in High Point – that mini-event that allows manufacturers to ‘test drive’ their new products. It runs September 12-13 – that’s only 2 weeks from now! (again, where DOES the time go?). We’ll be busy shortly taking orders for photography before and after pre-Market and then we begin taking client orders for actual Market photography.

We sure are glad that we spent this all-too-rapid summer doing some renovations back in the studio…but that’s another post. In the meantime, begin planning your pre-Market photography now. What better way to get buyers interested in that new product that you are bringing out? Let us know how Atlantic Photographics can help your product look its best.

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