Photographic Holidays


If photography had a holiday, it would probably be Christmas.

Who doesn’t think of this as the season where everyone has camera in hand, taking photographs. Baby’s First Christmas. Children opening presents. Dad asleep in the recliner….again. Recording these moments for our personal posterity just seems to be a part of our culture. With the advent of digital photography, we’re clicking way even faster than ever. Although, we have to wonder if those same photos will make it into our personal posterity, or just reside on a hard drive somewhere.

Still the season wouldn’t be complete without photos of family and friends. And that really brings to light the importance that a photograph has. It captures the memory and holds that second of time frozen. Just one of many images that will create a personal series of touchstones of our past.

To all of our friends, family, clients, and associates – May the holidays be ‘picture perfect’ for you all and may all of your memories be good ones.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Atlantic Photographics.

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