Photography as Marketing, part 2


You’re applying for a job and your hand the interviewer your resume. It is:

1. handwritten on yellow legal pad
2. typed on white paper (complete with correction tape)
3. printed in four color with a coordinating cover letter and engraved letterhead.

You’re at a conference and you meet your ‘dream client’. You give him your company’s business card. It is:

1. your name, phone number, and AOL email address written on a napkin
2. one you printed yourself from a package of blanks…making sure that you pick one that isn’t too blurry
3. one you got through your office supply store with the same artwork and background several other businesses use.
4. die-cut translucent vinyl

We are hoping that in both of these scenarios, you didn’t rely on either of the first choices as a course of action as neither of them really represent the professional that you really are. And while the last choices are nice, they certainly aren’t necessary in most instances.

When it comes to marketing, your product IS your company and by extension the products’ photographs ARE the product. And as the old saying goes, ‘appearances matter.’

The advent of digital camera has made photography more accessible by more people than ever.  But any professional photographer will tell you that a quality photograph is more than just snapping a picture.

-  Is the digital photo of high enough resolution and sufficient quality to go to print if necessary?
-  Is the color of the product accurately reproduced?
-  Is the product lit in such a way as to enhance it?
-  Does the product’s setting compliment it?
-  Would the product’s photo benefit from post-capture retouching to remove any imperfections?

In a large number of cases, a business doing its own photography would have to reply ‘no’ to most if not all of those questions. And by not showcasing a product to its best advantage, the company is essentially degrading its own image.

Think about it. How would you prefer to represent your company?

A.  A smudged pencil sketch done on notebook paper

B.  A professionally lit and styled, color accurate photograph that is ready to go to press.

If you choose B, then choose Atlantic Photographics.  Our business is to make YOUR business look its best!

Give one of our sales reps a call today at 336-887-8600 or email us at You’ll be glad that you went with a professional!

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