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Photography as Marketing


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A recent article on the importance of how one markets ones business got us to thinking about how vendors market their products.

Businesses can’t just open their doors and say “come on in!” Nor can they tell 10 friends about their business and hope that they’ll tell 10 friends. A successful business invests in all the supporting marketing tools: business cards, advertising, a website, and perhaps a blog. Any smart businessperson knows that you’re never caught without a business card – inside or outside of the store.

“What’s this got to do with marketing my product?” you’re asking. Well – everything.

Just as you wouldn’t open a business without marketing it, vendors and manufacturers simply don’t create or acquire product without ‘marketing’ it. And they cannot ‘market’ it by a description alone. Photography is your product’s ‘business card.” It quickly lets your potential customer know what that piece is all about and how it might look in their home or showroom. Plus it accomplishes MORE in a small space than pages of copy ever could.

Doesn’t your product deserve the powerful marketing that good photography can provide?

Photography – Impact for your product.

Sizzlin’ Summertime Specials


We are celebrating summer time here at Atlantic Photographics, and we want you to celebrate with us. Everyone loves Specials, don’t they?
We are offering a 10% discount on all photography during the month of July. We specialize in images for the home furnishings industry, catalog photography, and product photography. Please contact us today for a free consultation about the images we can do for you to improve your sales.




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Finishing Touches Before Furniture Market


Spring Furniture Market 09 is already upon us and we have been quite busy here at Atlantic Photographics, providing high quality, dynamic, and cost effective marketing images for the home funishings industry.  Product photography has been our speciality for over 25 years.

Here are some of our current promotional efforts for this season.




Please contact us and let us show you how we can cut your costs and give you exciting and effective marketing photos.

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Spring Market is on the way …


Spring is here and we are in full swing getting ready for the upcoming High Point Furniture Market here at Atlantic Photo.
Our showroom photography schedule is now underway, with several of our customers in new spaces for this show.

We are also busy at the studio completing our new sets and finishing alterations on others, while working on existing projects.


Do you need dynamic creative photography that sells your product?  Call us for a free consultation.  Our business is to create a look that defines your product.  Studio, location, showroom, or Bahamas.  Our images expand your horizons.  Don’t miss out on a free shot if booked in the month of April.  Our schedule is filling up fast.  Call today.

Atlantic Photographics – Our Online Photography Studio!


Spring is bursting out all over here in HIgh Point, NC. Flowers are coming up, trees are budding, and the entire area is looking brand new again. What better time for Atlantic Photographics to launch both its completely revised website, and its brand new blog!

What can you expect to see here?  Some of it will depend on what we are photographing in the studio.  We’ve had some really outstanding examples of bedding and interior photography in our sets lately. Plus some catalog photography that it pretty eye-catching. With the advent of Furniture Market in a few weeks, we’re sure to have some location photography to share images from.  And throughout the year we plan to bring you photos from our studio and from the High Point area. Perhaps some of the “behind the scenes” work that goes into the production of a commercial photo shoot. Maybe what goes into propping a bedroom set. Or some interesting detailing from a kitchen or tabletop shoot.

So continue to stop on by – - -  we want you to get to know us a little better!